April 3rd to 6th 2016, “Overseas Chinese Businessmen, Zhi Gong Summit” and Public Memorial service for Emperor Huang Di held in XI’an.

China’s Zhi Gong Party led representatives from domestic and abroad to attend the public memorial ceremony of Emperor Huang Di

During this year’s Qing Ming Festival, the Zhi Gong Party Central Committee together with Shaanxi Provincial Government will held an Overseas Chinese Businessmen Zhi Gong Summit. All the invited overseas Chinese business leaders from around the world attended the public memorial ceremony of Huang Di and other activities.

Zhi Gong Party is under the Chinese Communist Party-led multi-party system and is responsible to liaison with the Overseas Chinese business leaders and also the millions of Overseas Chinese living outside of China.This year, this event further build consensus and relationship among the Overseas Chinese and strengthen their relationship with China. As of the event, the focus was on the role overseas Chinese can play with regard to the One Belt One Road” strategy as well as how it can bring value to the Overseas Chinese.For further information about Zhi Gong Party, please see:

Over 300 overseas guests attended, including Overseas business leaders from United States, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and all the leading Asian Countries.  The president of CGITA together with the Vice Governor of Shaanxi provinceMadame Wang Lixia, and Honorable Jiang Zuojun Vice Chairman of the central committee of Zhi Gong Party were the three keynote speaker at the opening ceremony on April 4th. Mr. Jiang also serves as the Secretary of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Prior to that he also served as the Vice Minister of Health in China

Invitation letter

To President of CGITA,

In order to better unite overseas Chinese wisdom, converge their strength, build a platform for elite overseas businessmen,high level talentwith local government and domestic enterprises, help them keep in touch, have a dialogue and exchanges and seek common development, boosting with china’s One Belt and One Road strategy, the China Zhi Gong Party and the People’s government of Shaanxi Province decided to hold the “Overseas Chinese Businessmen, Zhi Gong Summit”. At that time, we will also invite the guests to join the public memorial service for EmperorHuang Di during Tomb Sweeping Day.

We invite you to come to the summit, and give the key note speech at the Apr 5thopening ceremony as the representative of All Overseas Chinese Businessmen. Thank You!

The Shaanxi Committee of China Zhi Gong Party
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Exciting Updates from CGITA
Honorary Advisor to President
Honorable Ann Veneman
Advisory Group Chapter Presidents
New York Chapter
Mr. Michael Connolly
London Chapter
Mr. Nigel Rowley
France Chapter
Mr. Marc Pierre Stehlin
Shanghai Chapter
Mr. Li Zhinmen
San Francisco Chapter
Mr. Stan Andre
Madame Yao Wen Ping
Consul General Lu Wenxiang
Mr. Peter Boodell
Dr. James Cullor
Dr. Tomas de la Rubia
Mr. David Goh
Mr. Mel Grant
Mr. Michael Heller
Ms. Stella Lau
Mr. Loh Long Hsiang
Mr. Aldo Scrofani
Dr. Joseph Silva
Mr. Tony Tan
The video of April 5 2016 CPCC Conference

November 20 2014, Beijing, China:  China Global Investment & Trading Alliance (CGITA) and China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery and Electronic (CCCME)signed Memorandum of Cooperation

We are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) between CGITA and CCCME to promote Chinese enterprises’ investments in Europe and the United States. Signing the MOC were the President of CGITA, and Mr. Zhang YuJing, President of CCCME .
Under the MOC, both CCCME and CGITA will cooperate to promote the investments of CCCME members to U.S. and Europe. CCCME appoints CGITA to help identify investment opportunities for CCCME’s members (over 10,000 of the largest Chinese state owned enterprises), facilitate their overseas mergers & acquisitions, and recommend professionals in legal, accounting and investment banking. CGITA will also help organize business delegations to promote bilateral trade as well as needed executive training for Chinese enterprises’ overseas expansion.
Attending the signing ceremony from CGITA include: Mr. Nigel Rowley, President of CGITA’s UK Chapter, Mr. Marc Stehlin, President of CGITA’s France Chapter, Mr. Peter Boodell, CGITA ‘s Adviser in the Financial Sector.
For the Press Release in Chinese, please also visit CCCME’s web site at:
For further information on CGITA and CCCME, please visit:
For further information regarding this Press Release,
please contact [email protected] November 24 2014
CGITA is most honored to speak at the roundtable discussion at China World Trade Organization , Beijing on December 19 2014. CWTO is the leading “Think Tank” organization under China’s Ministry of Commerce. The topic was: “Foreign Investments by Chinese Companies: Opportunities and Challenges”.  Ambassador Sun Zhenyu, President of CWTO presided over the roundtable. Over sixty leading Chinese businesses, and academia attended the event. Speaking on behalf of CGITA were the President of CGITA, Mr. Nigel Rowley, President of CGITA’s UK Chapter, Mr. Marc Stehlin, President of CGITA’s France Chapter, and Mr. Peter Boodell, Member of CGITA’s global financial advisory board. For the official press release by CWTO , please visit 


We are very pleased to announce that China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (CGITA) and The Council of Competitive Analysis (CoC) have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a strategic partnership to “mobilize a critical mass of leaders and experts around the world to promote sustainable economic growth and develop global competitiveness policies and strategic, high-value innovation business activity, scientific and technological collaboration and innovation-based growth.” Together, we will organize policy dialogues, workshops and activities to promote alliances between the public and private sectors among different nations.  Our strategic partnership will allow CGITA & CoC members to use our respective business gateways and local connections to reach out to companies around the world to increase their cross border trade and investments.
CoC was founded by Mr. John Young of Hewlett Packard. CoC is presided by the Honorable Deborah L. Wince-Smith, a former US Assistant Secretary of Commerce. She frequently gets invited to testify in front of the US Congress on global competitive issues. CoC is currently chaired by Mr. Sam Allen, CEO & Chairman of Deere & Co.; and co-chaired by Mr. Michael Splinter, CEO and Chairman of Applied Materials. CoC’s membership includes many CEO’s of leading U.S. companies (such as Dupont, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Fedex, Lokheed-Martin, Pfizer and Merck) as well as Presidents of many fine universities (such as MIT, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and Georgetown University). For further information about the Council of Competitive Analysis, please visit  www.Compete.org.
June 18 2014

January 21 2014 Global Forum on China Free Trade Zone in Shanghai

CGITA is proud to support China's Ministry of Commerce in hosting the January 21 2014 Global Forum on China Free Trade Zone in Shanghai. This event was sponsored by CGITA and co-sponsored by China Society for World Trade Organization Studies (CWTO) and also by The Minsitry of Commerce and Investment promotion Bureau. This Global Forum brought together experts from the Ministry of Commerce, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administration to discuss policies of the China Free Trade Zone. Attendees received a first hand visit to the China Free Trade Zone after the morning forum. Opening key note speech was made by Mr. Chen Deming, Standing Committee Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), President of China Association of Enterprises with  Foreign Investment (CAEFI). Prior to serving as the president of CAEFI, Mr. Chen served as China’s Minister of Commerce. (For details of the forum agenda, please  click here). Our Forum was well attended by many government and business leaders. Our special thanks to Mr. Sun Zhengyu, President of China Society of World Trade Organization Studies, Mr. Wang Xin Kui, CEO of Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center,  Mr. Liu Dian Xun of Minsitry fo Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau Mr. Shi Wei Min, Party Secretary of Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone Development Co. Ltd., Mr. Wang Hai Song,  General Manager of Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone Development Co. Ltd., Mr. Raymond Yin, CFA of Beijing GaoHua Co Ltd. (Goldman Sachs), Mr. Loh Long Hsiang, General Manager , Standard Chartered Bank, China, Mr. Kenneth Jarrett, President of AmCham Shanghai. We also want to thank the support of AmCham Shanghai, British Chamber of Commerce, EU Office in Beijing, Korean Chamber of Commerce, and Singapore Federation of Businesses. (For photos of our event, please  click here). (For video of our event with speech by Minister Chen Deming, please  click here )

CGITA Partnership with China Free Trade Zone

We are pleased to announce that the China Global Investment and Trading Alliance (CGITA) has been appointed by the China Free Trade Zone to identify and invite domestic and international companies to set up business within the zone. China Free Trade Zone will facilitate the expedited processing and approval of CGITA members for their business registration within the CFTZ.  http://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1279855/beijing-plans-lure-foreign-investors-shanghai-free-trade-zone

Welcome to our Global Platform

The China Global Investment & Trade Alliance is an international trade association seeking to bridge businesses among the different countries of the world. Recognizing that personal networking is a key component of growing your business, our role is to create an “Investment and Business Connect” that creates “Cross Border” partnerships. As our member, we will help introduce your company to businesses in other countries that are in the same industry to promote global partnerships and investments. In addition, we create alliances with many trade organizations to create access to a global network.
We are very pleased to welcome Standard Chartered Bank, UBS, and Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao (Leading State-Owned Enterprise in Shanghai) in joining CGITA.

How are we different?

  • Our members are multi-country, allowing for cross-border partnerships
  • Our members are multi-industry, allowing for alliances across industries
  • We provide our members access to:
  • Our distinguished advisory group, who are experts in government relationships, energy, agriculture, food safety, finance and technology
  • Many experts on different countries, including China, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa
  • Our members can put our logo on their websites to identify themselves as a member of a truly global alliance
  • Members of China Global Investment & Trade Alliance will get a 10% discount in joining the Pudong Club ( ThePudongClub.com )
Exciting Updates from China Global Investment & Trade Alliance
  • CGITA appoints Association Vice President at our Shaanxi Chapter -  check it out here
  • CGITA appoints Association Vice President at our Shanghai Chapter -  check it out here
  • CGITA attended April 5-9, 2013, Seventeenth East-West China Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation -  check it out here

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